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Make Your Mark - Sydney Holiday Apartments

Would You Like To Make Your Mark On The World?

The team at Sydney Holiday Apartments invites you to make your mark on the world. Have you wondered about the people who were right where you are going to be staying? It’s an amazing idea when you think about all the different types of people who have visited Sydney. We wanted to honour our valued guests and connect fellow travellers, which is why we created Make Your Mark.


    Guests can affix/write words of wisdom sharing their thoughts and experiences about travelling or even life lessons learned on our dedicated Make Your Mark board. This builds a sense of community and will become something quite remarkable as a way of connecting travellers with one another.

    People will tell others via word of mouth on social media and guests will want to see how this concept evolved. In this way, Make your Mark on the World will become a point of interest and topic of discussion around the world, especially via social media.

    Part of the fun of travelling is sharing your experiences with others.

    Part of the fun of travelling is sharing your experiences with others.

    How You Can Make Your Mark While Travelling

    When travelling, the beauty is in discovering new places, people, cultures and learning about a new travel destination. It’s a universal theme that we want to connect. In the sharing of stories, we elevate our experiences.

      Making Your Mark When You Share Your Unique History

      They may not have travelled to Denmark, yet feel connected to Danish culture through the act of giving a book, a magazine, a childhood game, an insight into what life is like there. Similarly, Italian pasta connects a person who might never have visited Italy to its unique traditions and culture.

        Leave A Message for a Fellow Traveller

          Why don’t you leave a message for a fellow traveller sharing a tip from your homeland? Put a smile on someone’s face and connect them to your place of birth. You never know, maybe they’re just planning to visit your unique country on their next vacation. 

            There are some old world traditions that have sadly been lost in our digital age. While the rapid digitalisation of society has been a welcomed introduction from an environmentally responsible perspective, nostalgia is missed. We no longer send letters and instead send texts and emails. There’s something special about a handwritten message, where you gain a sense of the person through their unique handwriting.

            Truly Connect with a fellow traveller by leaving a message. We have included some colourful post-it notes, so you can create your own unique mark. Be creative.

            Make Your Mark Photography

            In the world of social media, we have all become amateur photographers. It’s a necessity for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Never before has it been easier to snap that fantastic pic with your smartphone. 

            Why not surprise a fellow traveller with make your mark photography? It’s so simple to do. A picture tells a thousand words and this is your opportunity to be a travel guide, sharing your tips about what to do and see in Sydney. 

            You can even email us your make your mark images for us to post on Sydney Holiday Apartments Instagram account. What better way to share your adventures and experiences?!

            It could be a movie that you loved or a song that holds special significance for you.


              Instead of discarding your old book, make your mark and leave it in the apartment

              Leaving a book is another way in which you leave your mark. Guests have the opportunity to exchange a book and read the dedicated inscription inside, sharing in someone else’s journey. 


                Make Your Mark On The World And Connect With Fellow Travellers

                Make Your Mark On The World And Connect With Fellow Travellers

                Our dedicated make your mark on the world page, enables fellow travellers to connect with the book’s owner. 

                Our valued guests will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded travellers via our forum in the near future. We value smart social media marketing to connect, share and increase the value of our experiences travelling in the world.

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